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The Essential Guide To Granny Flat Pricing

At P J Cook Building, we take pride in providing upfront pricing for your new home or investment, so there are no hidden fees or surprises after signing our building contracts. Unfortunately, it is not always like that across the industry. We have developed this essential guide to granny flat pricing so you can make an informed decision about the builder that offers the best value for [...]

Granny Flat Construction Guide

Step-By-Step Guide On How Long It Takes To Build A Granny Flat One of the best things about partnering with P J Cook Building is that we manage the entire process. From initial quote through to design, planning, approvals and construction – everything is managed by us. You can count on our industry knowledge and 20-year track record for a smooth process and enjoyable building experience. [...]

Granny Flat Design Process

Step-By-Step Design & Tender Process It’s never been easier to build a granny flat! At P J Cook Building, we are focused on ensuring our clients’ building experience is as simple and enjoyable as possible. Your P J Cook granny flat can be finished in just 13-15 weeks once the site is established. Our leading-edge cloud-based software keeps you informed and updated throughout the build. [...]

Financing A Granny Flat

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You are no doubt wondering: “Can I afford a granny flat?” We cannot answer that for you as everybody’s circumstances are different, however, we have developed a network of brokers who can assess your individual situation and guide you through the process of applying for finance. In the meantime, the information below will answer some common questions about financing granny flats. FIRSTLY, HOW MUCH DOES IT [...]

Benefits Of Investing In A Granny Flat

A spacious backyard has so much more potential than just an area to weed and maintain! You can increase your living space, add value to your property and enjoy rental income. All these benefits can all be achieved through the addition of a granny flat.  Is a Granny Flat right for you? Consider these benefits, and let us help you make an informed decision. [...]

Does My Property Qualify For Complying Development For A Granny Flat?

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Granny flats are officially known as ‘Secondary Dwellings’ and may be located within, attached to, or separate from, the ‘Principal Dwelling’. P J Cook has summarised the primary considerations for Complying Developments. APPROVAL  Granny flats may be approved in 10 days by a council or accredited certifier if the design meets the Complying Development provisions set out within the AHSEPP.  ZONING Granny flats can [...]

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