Is a unit, townhouse or duplex development the right option for you?

P J Cook Building works with landowners and property developers to deliver exceptional unit developments, townhouses and duplex building and construction solutions.

P J Cook has a solid reputation delivering complete unit, townhouse and duplex developments from initial design through to project management of the entire construction.

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 Unit Developments Representing Quality, Style & Exceptional Return on Investment

Affordable Apartment Buildings

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Taking advantage of high-density areas.  Generally, unit developments, townhouses and duplexes provide a high investment return, as there is more opportunity for sale or rental within the property development.

Access quality architects

Trademark Quality & Service

Each development is tailored to meet environmental & cultural requirements of the local area. Extensive product, design & materials research is completed prior to finalising designs. This maximises occupancy and saleability of your units.

Customise Designs and Access First Class Architects, Trades & Suppliers

Add space add value

Maximise the Potential Of Your Lot