The Copyright in the building plans are owned by P J Cook Building Pty Ltd. Except for the conditions prescribed under the Copyright Act no part of the building plans may be reproduced or copied in any way without the prior written consent of P J Cook Building Pty Ltd.

You cannot take plans from one builder to another. If a builder, architect or drafting company has drawn up plans, the designs are under their copyright. Copyright in the designs includes design ideas and concepts provided to you, by you, as well as the final set of drawings.

Taking designs to another company for quoting/building is illegal in Australia and may result in legal action and payment of damages to the copyright owner. It will also result in your construction being halted.

Having your design re-drawn by another company, architect or drafting company does not protect you from legal action either.

Drawings and photographs are for presentation purposes only and are not to form part of any contract.

All contents and graphics included in this document are copyrighted and owned by P J Cook Building Pty Ltd. All reproductions and/or uses are strictly prohibited under the Copyright Act.


Whilst care has been taken in the preparation and production of this publication by P J Cook Building Pty Ltd and their agents, the particulars are not to be construed as containing any representation of the facts upon which any party is entitled to rely. All interested parties should make their own enquiries and refer to their specific contracts.


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